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Premium is a very subjective term. For you it could be cost, for another it could be loom, for another it could be touch, for other it could be availability. Everyone has a different idea of “premium”. this premium Leather wallet Manufacture in Kolkata.

it would be silly to rate one type of leather more premium than another as every skin touch feel look price has its character. It entirely depends what you are looking for.

Leather is “premium” in itself. It’s natural, it’s organic, it’s eco friendly, bio degradable, recycled, by product of the meat industry,

Real leather is made from animal hide which we are using since centuries for wallets, bags etc.. there no product which can match experience like real leather, now days synthetic, cork, PU leathers are coming in trend in fashion industry due to fast fashion and cost effectiveness.

When we look at the importance of business cards and why so many carry them, it’s easy to see why you would need a beautifully crafted, slim leather wallet as the best kind of wallet to hold your stack of cards! Let’s also not forget about first impressions.

Not having a business card on-hand could result in a lost potential client. Exchanging business cards gives the capacity to follow up, providing a foot in the door for a business transaction. It also allows a personal encounter between two parties, a Important element of produce a business connection.